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The Transitive Property of Fitness

When you set a goal, and truly commit to it, you commit to a lifestyle. You train not only your body, but you train your mind. Your discipline. And as you sculpt this discipline you begin to transform WITH your body. As you undergo this transformation, others will begin to notice. Some will be vocal about it, most will not. The end result will be the same. You will inspire others to action, and thus, through seeking to better yourself, you help better the world.

-Talon W. 

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About Me

I have been a personal trainer since 2017. I have 5 certifications including NASM, NASM WLS, NASM FNS, PTA global, and DotFit. Originally got into fitness because I was very skinny and lanky, and I wanted to do something to change that. After years of trial and error, as well as proper diet, exercise, and coaching I have found a system that works for me. My goal is to bring joy and fulfillment into the lives of others, and I believe that helping people develop the bodies of their dreams is the best way to facilitate that goal.

Jumpstart Your Health

Whatever your goal, Olympus Personal Training is here to help you get there

Private Gym Personal Training Sessions


In the time of Covid-19, now you can have access to a fully loaded, trainers only gym

Do you want to know what your capable of? Do you want to maximize your potential and develop the body of your dreams? Or do you just want to become a stronger, healthier you? No matter what your goal is, we will build a game plan together to transform your physique, and your life. 



(2 month Plan)

Not in the socal area? Train together with me from anywhere in the world!

Welcome to the digital age!

  • Custom meal plan

  • Tailor made workout plan

  • Individual Supplementation Plan

  • 24/7 email support

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Zoom and Facetime Sessions  

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Contact Me

You’re on your way to a more fit, healthy, and stronger version you. Get in touch and start training today.

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